AUCloud partners with Fifth Domain launch CYNAPSE: Cyber National Assessment Program for Skills & Employment program

In a move designed to bolster Australia’s cyber security skills and workforce, AUCloud has partnered with industry to help launch a new program CYNAPSE: Cyber National Assessment Program for Skills & Employment. 

Led by workforce technology company FifthDomain, the CYNAPSE program is supported by AUCloud and 13 foundational partners across the finance, recruitment, education and cyber sectors.

CYNAPSE has been born to help recruit a more diverse cyber workforce and has partly been funded by the Department of Industry and Science under the Cyber Security Skills Partnership Innovation Fund.

AUCloud CEO Peter Maloney said AUCloud is proud to be part of the development and creation of a national assessment platform to standardise the minimum capability criteria for Security Operations Centre (SOC) employees.

“The platform by design helps assess, measure and analyse cyber skills and aptitude for a career in cyber, and concurrently it will also expose candidates to the elements of working in a SOC.”

The CYNAPSE program aims to increase the cyber workforce and diversity by at least 100 people by 2024. It hopes to encourage women, neurodiverse people, First Nations Australians, transitioning veterans, and people in remote areas to consider a career in the space. 

The platform will make it easier for people to get a job by using objective, standardised tests instead of just talking in an interview. It will also remove unconscious bias by not using biographic data like name, gender, or location.

AUCloud Executive Director Phil Dawson and team at the launch of CYNAPSE

AUCloud Executive Director Phil Dawson and team at the launch of CYNAPSE: Cyber National Assessment Program for Skills & Employment

The program includes 45 online assessment modules within an interactive platform. The modules have realistic case-based cyber threat scenarios, as seen in security operations centres.  CYNAPSE will allow up to 10,000 concurrent users and will be free for potential candidates. In remote communities, CYNAPSE can be made available via local education facilities.

FifthDomain is seeking cyber industry professionals, recruiters, IT and cyber education providers, and minority advocacy groups to participate in CYNAPSE.

AUCloud offers Security Operation Centre (SOC) as a service to organisations across Australia with the CYNAPSE program running their virtual machines via AUCloud’s cloud services

Discover more about CYNAPSE, including AUCloud’s support here.