Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Providing your organisation a comprehensive security assessment, gap analysis and recommendations to reduce your cyber risk.

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Is your organisation prepared to face today’s cyber security and business continuity challenges?

AUCloud’s Cyber Security Maturity Assessment offers your organisation a comprehensive security assessment, gap analysis and report outlining risks and issues, and offers key recommendations to help build cyber security resilience.

Our assessment and report identifies key risk areas for your business through a comprehensive evaluation process involving experienced cyber security professionals.

Our team then formulates a report in line with the latest security frameworks to provide you a clear picture of your current security posture, and practical advice on how to be more cyber resilient.

What’s the process?

Step 1

A comprehensive assessment of your organisation by a security professional.

Step 2

A detailed consultation and report with analysis against the latest Australian security frameworks.

Step 3

A one-on-one meeting with our security specialists to discuss findings, recommendations and next steps.

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Best practice security resilience

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Critical Analysis
& Report

& Next Steps

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Cyber Security Assessment and Report covers:

Governance & Policies

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Our team uncovers if your organisation adheres to a security framework and have documented procedures in place to deal with emerging cyber threats.

Risk Management

Does your organisation regularly conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities? Our team explores whether there are formal processes in place to assess and prioritise risks.

Security Training

The assessment uncovers whether your organisation conducts regular cyber security training and if your team is well-prepared to respond to cyber incidents.

Network Security

Our team reviews your security policies and procedures, running compliance checks to ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Data Protection & Resilience

We examine how data is stored, transmitted, and processed, ensuring encryption and other data protection measures are in place to safeguard information.

Incident Response Planning

Our team discusses strategies to effectively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber security incidents. Looking at a proactive approach to minimise the impact of potential breaches.

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