AUCloud Sovereign Cloud

Local access to sovereign infrastructure and data services across Australia

AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud provides end users the ability to access AUCloud sovereign capability locally, from across Australia. 

Cloud services provide enormous flexibility, agility and efficiencies in data access, management, and use.  However, the ability to protect that data breaks down as it is moved, managed, stored, analysed, and used across the global digital supply chain. 

It is not surprising then, that our desire for localised control of citizen data – sovereign data protection – is on the rise.

As well as assurance that our data will never leave Australia we also want certainty that no-one and no foreign government can access our information.  

AUCloud’s sovereign data protection promise is simple – all the services we provide and the data we manage remains in Australia ALWAYS.

AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud – local access to sovereign cloud services

Using AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud you have local access to AUCloud sovereign cloud capability and core environments across Australia.   You have certainty that all your data (including customer data, account, support, metadata etc) remains in Australia, subject only to Australian laws, without the risk of intervention or access by a foreign government or organisation.

With AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud you benefit from faster, more efficient, and secure local access to your sovereign workloads across Australia – with confidence that your data is safe and secure.


AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud can be accessed:

  • Directly from a NEXTDC or CDC Data Centre where your workloads are located; or 
  • If your workloads are not located in a NEXTDC or CDC Data Centre, by contacting us so we can help you to connect, via the appropriate data centre link, directly to our Sovereign Cloud.

With AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud you have access to, and control of, your sovereign data from wherever you are. 

 Faster, more secure and efficient “sovereign” capability at your fingertips


High speed, low latency and secure connectivity between your physical and virtual resources within the data centre ecosystem to AUCloud services.


Reduced network costs for high-speed transfer of large volumes of data


Dedicated connectivity paths that deliver your data quickly and securely


Ability to scale as you need from wherever you are


High performance and guaranteed quality of service

Find out more about how to get local access today

To find out how you can use AUCloud’s Sovereign Cloud to get local access to sovereign cloud capability  simply let us know by completing the information below – and we’ll get back to you with more information – and the help you need to secure your data.