AUCloud Cyber Security Threat Intel Alert 10-Apr-24

The latest weekly report is out and in the AUCloud Cyber Threat Intelligence Report we reveal:

  • Hackers exploit Magento Bug to steal payment data from E-commerce websites: A critical flaw is now being exploited by threat actors to inject persistent backdoor into E-commerce websites. The vulnerability has been described to pave the way for arbitrary code execution.

  • Critical RCE Bug in 92,000 D-Link NAS devices now exploited in attacks: The zero-day critical remote code execution vulnerability in the D-Link Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands potentially leading to unauthorised access to sensitive information, modification of system configurations, or denial of service conditions.

  • ‘Latrodectus’ Malware emerges in email phishing campaigns: Threat hunters have unearthed a new malware variant which has been circulating in email phishing campaigns since late November 2023. Latrodectus is a downloader equipped with sandbox evasion capabilities, designed to fetch payloads and execute arbitrary commands.

  • US Healthcare help desks targeted in social engineering attacks: The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a warning, highlighting an ongoing attack on the healthcare and public health (HPH) sector, emphasising the adoption of new sophisticated social engineering tactics by threat actors, targetting their IT help desks.

  • Opticomm customer data allegedly compromised: A recent revelation on a hacking forum has raised concerns regarding the security of customer data belonging to Opticomm, a prominent broadband access network provider in Australia. The leaked information reportedly includes sensitive details such as names, email address, mobile numbers, billing account IDs, etc.

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