AUCloud Cyber Security Threat Intel Alert 07-Mar-24

The latest weekly report is out and in the AUCloud Cyber Threat Intelligence Report we reveal:

  • Phobos Ransomware Aggressively Targeting U.S. Critical Infrastructure: A ransomware strain specifically aimed at disrupting vital systems within the United States.

  • New Phishing Kit Leverages SMS, Voice Calls to Target Cryptocurrency Users: A recently discovered phishing toolkit exploiting SMS and voice communications to target individuals involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Hackers Employ Phishing to Steal Windows NTLM Authentication Hashes, Threatening Organisations Worldwide: Cybercriminals are using phishing tactics to pilfer Windows NTLM authentication hashes, posing a significant threat to organisations globally.

  • ‘Repo Confusion’ Malware Strikes GitHub, Infecting Potentially Millions of Repositories: A malware dubbed ‘Repo Confusion’ has hit GitHub, infecting numerous repositories and potentially impacting millions of users worldwide.

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