AUCloud renews VMware by Broadcom agreement as Premier Partner

Award-winning secure cloud and cyber security provider AUCloud has renewed its agreement with VMware now as a Premier Partner, in the new Partner Advantage & White Label Program.

AUCloud has a rich history of supporting Australian government and enterprise customers, credited with being recognised VMware Sovereign Cloud, VMware Cloud Verified, ISO 27001 and IRAP to Assessed to Protected.

CEO of AUCloud Peter Maloney said AUCloud’s new Premier Partner status reaffirmed an ongoing commitment to providing government, enterprise and Managed Service Providers (MSP) customers with robust VMware cloud solutions and availability.

“Under the VMware by Broadcom new Partner Advantage Program AUCloud is thrilled to offer comprehensive VMware solutions including a White Label solution to support VSCP Registered Partners,” said Mr Maloney.

What is VMware changing?

In late 2023, Broadcom completed the acquisition of VMware, leading to changes in VMware’s product offerings, including its Reseller and cloud hosting model.

These changes include:

  1. The introduction of a new Partner Advantage Program that is limited to a select number of providers
  2. A commitment to investing in VMware Cloud Foundation, the software stack that serves as the foundation of private and hybrid clouds
  3. The end to the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP), effective:
    • 31st March for the Cloud Services Provider end of last usage period (for those on the VCPP Rental Agreement)
    • April 30th VMware Cloud Services Provider ability to transact under the VMware Partner Connect Program
  4. A transition away from perpetual software licenses to a subscription software model
  5. New pricing model based on CPU Cores from a VRAM-based model. As well as ‘Add On’ packages for additional services to the VMware Cloud Foundation bundle

How is AUCloud supporting current VMware Cloud Providers (VCPP)?

If you are a current VMware Cloud Provider (VCPP) who has not been invited to (or has decided not to join) as a Broadcom VCSP Premier or Pinnacle Partner, you will soon be invited as a Broadcom VSCP Registered Partner and you will need to transact via the ‘White Label’ model.

AUCloud is supporting VSCP Registered Partners with a White Label offering as part of the Partner Advantage Program.

As part of the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program for VMware, AUCloud will be offering a White Label solution to support Broadcom Registered tier VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) and/or a Registered tier Reseller.

This means as a Premier partner (referred to as Primary), AUCloud is providing licensing and support (and optional hosting) to Registered partners (referred to as Secondary) so they can run their own branded services via AUCloud.

AUCloud is supporting VSCP Registered Partners with a White Label offering

AUCloud is offering:

  • Model A: White Label model is a model whereby AUCloud as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (a “Primary VMware Cloud Service Provider” or Primary VCSP”) resells all or part of its Hosted IT Service to another VMware Cloud Provider (a “Secondary VMware Cloud Service Provider” or “Secondary VCSP”) in a non-branded manner, wherein the Secondary VCSP is permitted to offer its hosted service to its own hosting customers (“Hosting Customers”) utilising the Primary VCSP’s Hosted IT Services, under the Secondary VCSP’s own brand (a “White Label”). These services reside in AUCloud as the Primary’s data centre, and the hardware must be owned and operated by the Primary (AUCloud).
  • Model B: AUCloud as ‘The Primary’ can provide licensing and support to the Secondary, within the Secondary’s existing data centre and hardware. In this instance the Primary is the responsible party for L1 & L2 support of the Secondary, metering usage and end user reporting to VMware by Broadcom. It should be noted that the Primary in this case is financially responsible for the Secondary’s usage, which will be included in the Primary’s aggregate commit to VMware.

Why make AUCloud your VMware Partner today?

AUCloud is a trusted partner of VMWare, including supporting our high performant, secure and sovereign VMware cloud offerings.

With deep skills from hosting to support and security – AUCloud is your VMware partner of choice for MSPs:

      • AUCloud enables managed service providers (MSPs) to maintain full ownership of their customers.
      • AUCloud has an established and mature partner program with dedicated support.
      • AUCloud has a strict non-compete position with our Partners.
      • The AUCloud team has extensive experience and VMware technical knowledge.
      • AUCloud is a sovereign provider boasting robust security protocols and accreditations.
      • Seamless migration & licensing options to meet your needs.
      • Expertise in consolidation and operational optimisation of workloads to manage costs.
      • Access to experienced, senior Australian based Cloud and Cyber experts.

AUCloud is ready to be your VMware Partner…

AUCloud is here to look after your VMware needs. Contact our team of VMware experts for an obligation free consultation or to get started today by calling 1800 282 568 or email