AUCloud Bolsters National Security: Unveils Free Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports to Raise Awareness

Australian managed security services provider AUCloud has announced the launch of free weekly Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports.

Developed by AUCloud’s award-winning Security Operations Centre (SOC) and global cyber threat intelligence team, these reports serve as a valuable, no-cost resource available to all Australian businesses on a weekly basis.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Report offers timely insights into evolving threat landscapes, vulnerabilities, and cybercrime trends, along with practical advice on defence and mitigation strategies.

AUCloud CEO Peter Maloney emphasised the continuous need for all Australian organisations to safeguard their digital assets and confidential information.

Cybercrime is one of Australia’s biggest challenges, and the launch of this weekly report is part of our ongoing commitment to protecting Australian organisations and their customers,” Mr Maloney said.

“We are excited to release these reports as a key resource for organisations seeking to strengthen their security posture.”

“In today’s digital landscape, proactive measures are vital. AUCloud’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports provide guidance on patching and practical responses to address emerging threats.”

AUCloud’s dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) team monitor the global cyber landscape 24/7, conducting in-depth research and analysis of emerging cyber threats, ensuring robust protection for systems and sensitive data.

Key offerings of the Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Report include:

  • Threat Analysis: Keeping organisations informed about the latest cyber threats targeting their industry.

  • Incident Response Strategies: Offering quick overviews of actionable steps to mitigate threats and minimise potential damage.

  • Trend Identification: Assisting organisations in understanding emerging attack trends for proactive system defence.

These Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports reflect AUCloud’s ongoing efforts to share knowledge and expertise with the broader Australian business community.

AUCloud invites all Australian organisations to access the complimentary Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports and sign up for weekly updates here.