Phil Dawson named "Executive of the Year" finalist - Australian Defence Industry Awards 2023
AUCloud, a leading provider of sovereign cloud solutions and cyber security services, has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Australian Defence Industry Awards. AUCloud’s Founder Phil Dawson was recognised as a finalist for the coveted “Executive of the Year” award.

The Australian Defence Industry Awards, known for identifying and honouring top businesses and professionals in the defence sector across the nation, has acknowledged AUCloud and Phil Dawson for their continued dedication in strengthening Australia’s defence capabilities through advanced cloud solutions and robust cyber security measures.

As a finalist, AUCloud has earned recognition for its unwavering commitment to providing sovereign cloud services, ensuring data security, and bolstering the nation’s defence infrastructure. The company’s efforts have not only contributed significantly to Australia’s defence preparedness but have also played a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive information against potential threats.

Mr Dawson’s nomination for the “Executive of the Year” award comes as a well-deserved acknowledgment of his vision and leadership in driving AUCloud’s success in supporting solutions for the defence industry and industries of national significance.

The Australian Defence Industry Awards distinguish themselves by focusing on people and businesses rather than products and platforms. They celebrate the collective efforts of defence industry stakeholders, recognising the contributions of primes, SMEs, academic institutions, associations, as well as high-performing individuals such as defence executives, Indigenous and female leaders, students, scientists, technicians, and academics.

The awards program remains open to all businesses operating in Australia that support the defence supply chain.

AUCloud’s recognition as a finalist in the 2023 Australian Defence Industry Awards comes as a testament to the company’s dedication to advancing solutions to support the nation’s defence capabilities through state-of-the-art cloud solutions and cyber security solutions.