Leading End-to-End Encryption Collaboration Platform Chosen for Standout Security, Collaboration, Compliance and Sovereignty

SYDNEY, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wickr Inc, the secure collaboration platform known for its strong end-to-end encryption and the ability to securely operate on Zero Trust Networks (ZTN), has entered a strategic partnership in Australia with CISTECH and AUCloud, Australia’s sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, to bring secure collaboration and communications to Australia’s government.

Australia’s government and critical infrastructure providers need a solution partner that can offer a vehicle for secure communication to control sensitive information, protect employees, and meet compliance, data protection and retention requirements. Through AUCloud, which focuses exclusively on meeting the needs of the Australian government and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) communities at the PROTECTED Level, the Wickr platform uniquely meets the highest standards for data management and security required for the government.

Protecting communication across the Australian government and critical infrastructure is fundamental to the security of the entire country.

The partnership between AUCloud, CISTECH and Wickr delivers the only Australian sovereign, enterprise grade, secure communications solution for the government.


Power of Wickr, CISTECH and AUCloud:

  • Provides multi-tenanted Secure Encryption Communications hosted on a Sovereign PROTECTED cloud.
  • Purpose built for enterprise deployments with global administration rights performed by CISTECH with delegated administrative functions performed either by CISTECH or by the agencies themselves.
  • Allows clients to collaborate securely with authorised agencies and partners.
  • Designed to meet communication and archiving compliance requirements.
  • Supported both on mobile and desktop clients.
  • Hosted within T4 data centres, supported by Australian security cleared personnel; and
  • No data leaves Australia.

Countries around the world are determining how to create a secure method for communicating and collaborating across government and critical infrastructure entities.

Given Australia’s stringent data privacy laws and commitment to protecting consumer data, Wickr is a natural fit for the region to meet its security needs.

Scott McMillan
Senior Vice President of Sales, Wickr

With its increasing dominance in the secure communications field, Wickr has made a leap forward in the company’s ability to provide secure communications anywhere, anytime, on any platform, and with global reach. As country-specific data privacy laws continue to flood the global data control market, Wickr, in collaboration with CISTECH and AUCloud is ideally positioned to be the solution for secure collaboration and communication.


CISTECH specialises in communications interoperability by providing integrated turn-key voice, video, data and sensor information integration across mobile and fixed communications and information systems networks. With a focus on providing secure, seamless communications for government and commercial clients, CISTECH continues to provide leading edge capabilities for Australia. CISTECH is also proud to be a developer of hardware and software for communication systems which are manufactured within Australia and support Australian industry.”

About Wickr:

Wickr’s mission is to secure the world’s most critical communications. Wickr provides the highest standard of encryption trusted by millions worldwide. In the workplace and out in the field, Wickr enables end users to communicate securely and protect their privacy while providing IT organizations the administrative controls needed to deploy at scale and comply with industry standards.

About AUCloud:

AUCloud is a sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, exclusively focused on meeting the needs of the Australian Government and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) communities.  This includes Federal, State and Local Governments and CNI organisations such as telecommunications, electricity, energy, financial services and similar utility providers.

As a sovereign IaaS provider, AUCloud is owned, managed and operated in Australia.  All the services we provide and the data we manage remains in Australia ALWAYS. AUCloud is independently IRAP assessed to the PROTECTED level controls of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM).

AUCloud solutions enable our customers to benefit from sovereign data protection with the scale, automation, elasticity and lower costs typically associated with global cloud offerings.

For further information contact:

AUCloud, media@aucloud.com.au
Mark Smethurst Advisor to the Board of CISTECH, msmethurst@gmail.com
Guy Watson, Director CISTECH Solutions, guy.watson@cistechsolutions.com
Danielle Ostrovsky, Wickr Public Relations, Ostrovsky@hi-touchpr.com