AUCloud board appoints new CEO & Managing Director
Sovereign cloud IaaS and data security specialist AUCloud has announced the appointment of Peter Maloney as its new CEO and Managing Director. 


Mr Maloney is an experienced CEO having led several Australian technology companies over the last 20 years. In an ASX Announcement, AUCloud Chair Cathie Reid commented, “Peter’s experience in the leadership of some of Australia’s leading technology companies will greatly assist AUCloud as it seeks to consolidate its significant investment to date in sovereign cloud infrastructure services.” 

Mr Maloney said he was excited to join AUCloud at the forefront of providing truly Sovereign Cloud solutions and related services for Australian Government, Defence, Intelligence, and critical industry communities.

“Cyber security is a global issue of significant importance,” Mr Maloney said. “Every Department Head and Board Room in Australia must be thinking about how to protect the data they hold on to Australian businesses and citizens. This is no longer a compliance issue, or an issue Company Directors can walk past. Sovereignty of data is an important ingredient in this equation; and when we think about the word “data”
it’s even more important to think about how we define the word data.”

AUCloud solutions are designed to help Australian Government Agencies and corporations maximise operational efficiency when it comes to safely storing, managing and protecting their data and information assets.

“Companies and Government agencies’ data management and protection is critically important. With ever present cybersecurity risks, including recent prominent public breaches across Australia, AUCloud’s Australian-based sovereign cloud offering is designed to mitigate and protect against the risks cyber security presents.” 

Prior to joining AUCloud Maloney was Managing Director of Dye & Durham Australia, a subsidiary of Canadian listed Dye & Durham Ltd (TSX: DND). Peter assumed this position following the A$171M sale of GlobalX to DND; where he led GlobalX for 10 years. 

AUCloud’s founder Phil Dawson continues to play an important role in the development and strategy of AUCloud; assuming the role of Executive Director, focused on Government relations.