AUCloud and Quant Network are pleased to announce a formal partnership to apply the world’s first Blockchain Operating System to sovereign cloud computing creating greater security and functionality for Australian government, defence and critical national industry. This Blockchain as a Service will overcome the current siloed design of deploying multiple blockchain systems, creating an easy to use and more secure set of national capabilities. Scott Wilkie, Director of AUCloud stated that Australian Government, Department of Defence and major industries are using or testing blockchain to interact with their supply chain, critical infrastructure, national record keeping and financial services. These organisations require the interoperable functionality that can only come with an operating system like Overledger and the security of the leading sovereign Australian cloud platform. Without Overledger, none of these projects or systems will be able to communicate with each other or enable cross party collaboration. Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant Network additionally noted “we have been working with AUCloud for more than year on how best to integrate our Blockchain Operating System onto the AUCloud platform to provide highly secure and interoperable Blockchain-as-a-Service for Australian Government and Defence and the critical national industries and supply chains that serve the nation. The idea for Overledger stemmed from the challenges faced while working in senior roles across definitive projects for both the UK and Australian Governments and subsequently led to founding the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 in 2016.” The key areas of focus for the partnership are to remove today’s complexity with blockchains, providing choice, flexibility and an interoperable cloud platform to:
  • Benefit from a multi-chain strategy
  • Reduce implementation time from 8 months to mere minutes and with just 3 lines of code
  • Have choice, flexibility and prevent blockchain lock-in or proprietary technology
  • Avoid integration costs and the need to buy additional infrastructure
  • Utilise a tried and tested cloud delivery model
  • Comply to security and regulation when interconnecting corporate and distributed networks
  • Use existing technical skills and resources without the need to hire specialist blockchain expertise
Brad Bastow, CTO AUCloud (previously CTO Department of the Prime Minster & Cabinet) stated that “applying world leading blockchain technologies to enhancing the cyber security of cloud IaaS and PaaS can significantly improve the ease of adoption and reduces risks for all government users and citizens.  We aim to bring the most effective and assured technologies as-a-Service and Quant Network have some of the most advanced blockchain technology in the world in this respect.”