AUCloud the leading provider of sovereign cloud IaaS to Australian Governments and cyber security company Forticode, developer of Cipherise™, are pleased to announce a formal partnership to apply world leading, decentralised authentication and authorisation technology to cloud computing creating greater security and functionality for users.

Managing Director of AUCloud, Phil Dawson (previously co-founding CEO of UKCloud, the leading provider of cloud services to UK Government, Defence and Health) stated that “having met Tony Smales on the recent Australian-British Chamber of Commerce Cyber Mission to UK with the then Minister for Cybersecurity Angus Taylor, I was captivated by the sheer simplicity and genius of the Cipherise™ authentication solution.”

Tony Smales, Founder and CEO of Forticode noted “over the period that Forticode has worked with the AUCloud team, we have been hugely impressed by their values, their technical skills and their absolute commitment to delivering customer-centric cloud services. Combining the revolutionary security methodology of Cipherise™ with AUCloud’s sovereign platform for Government, Defence and National Critical Industry is a no-brainer.”

The key areas of focus for the partnership are the implementation of Cipherise™:

  • across all AUCloud customer service authentication processes and interactions to enhance customer’s service security and experience fundamentally transforming traditional identification and verification processes;
  • deployment of Authentication-as-a-Service for all customers of AUCloud’s Unclassified Data Community and Protected Data Community Environments;
  • hosting of Forticode systems on AUCloud’s Unclassified and Protected Data Environments

Brian Smith, Founder of cyber security specialist QuadIQ, observed “AUCloud’s investment in the development of new products and the innovative deployment of technologies like Cipherise™ allows QuadIQ to focus on our core mission to optimise client security and resilience through data-driven intelligence.”

AUCloud CTO Brad Bastow reiterated that “applying ground breaking secure multi-factor authentication to the cyber security of cloud IaaS can significantly reduce risks for all government users and citizens.  We aim to bring customers the most effective technologies as-a-Service and Forticode has developed some amazing technology in this respect.”