There’s no shortage of the word ‘resilience’ at the moment. It’s been a tough 2020 for Australia – droughts, bushfires, Covid and the lingering threat (now reality) of a Covid second wave.

With the economy taking a huge and likely prolonged hit, if our tax money is to be spent anywhere, it makes sense to buy Australian capability where it exists and is competitive (in preference to companies that are non-Australian owned, are based and operated outside Australia). The payback to the economy – revenue and jobs growth plus realisation of tax liabilities (more revenue), are clear. What’s arguably more important however, is the signal this sends about our confidence and commitment to support and build sovereign capability – in an age where sovereign resilience must be more than a simply catch-cry.

At AUCloud we are both privileged and lucky to have an extensive and eclectic network of partners. From system integrators to managed service providers, software vendors and solution developers, defence primes and advisors and consultants– AUCloud’s partner network boasts quality, depth and diversity – specifically committed to protecting the sovereignty of Australia’s data.

The fact that the majority of our partners are Australian owned and operated IT businesses offering products and services that contribute to Australia’s sovereign capability building is no coincidence. Even more importantly, given the digital age we live in, they represent the depth of Australia’s sovereign cloud capability.

With Australia companies including AcroynmIT, CommandHub, Insitec, Sypaq, Shelde, Digital61, IntegrationQA, Xamplify, Senetas, CISTECH solutions – Australia’s cloud market is looking in good shape.

AUCloud: Keeping the data of Australians in Australia

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