The loss of lives is deeply sad but otherwise the Covid story for Australia is relatively good.

There’s no denying it. Compared to many of our global allies, the overall report card for containment and fatalities is impressive. 

Any self-congratulation, however, must be short-lived. Afterall we’re in for an almighty economic aftershock with estimates of $50 billion being wiped from the nation’s economy in the June 2020[1] and prospects of some 10% unemployment.

The Government has shown great leadership navigating through this unprecedented and uncertain time. With the bipartisan support of the Opposition and States, it has proven its preparedness to step up and make the hard decisions.   But as a light at the end of the tunnel starts to emerge, now is not the time for complacency.  That same determined leadership is crucial as the Government brings our economy out of hibernation and guides Australia on a trajectory (hopefully) to renewed prosperity.  

Notwithstanding all the complexity that goes with turning our current circumstances around, when it comes to government leadership two things are clear.

      • First, for the first time, in a very long time, Government is going to have to do more with less. With no spare cash, Government has no option but to deliver within the constraints of a hugely contracted budget.
      • Second, the urgency to reignite the economy, accelerate revenue and reinstate (and indeed create more) jobs, puts the focus squarely on Government supporting Australian business – for Australian jobs.

While technology is never THE answer, Covid has proved just how much we use and need it. Both professionally and personally, digital technology has enabled remote working and communication, shopping, socialising, entertainment, reengineering and reinvention of business operations (think the hospitality and fitness industries) and remote medical and health appointments – to name a few.  Importantly, technology has provided the means to share information about the virus with over 24 million Australians, and more recently, deliver an App to track and contain subsequent outbreaks. 

This has happened seamlessly and has largely been citizen and business driven. As the phrase goes – necessity is the mother of invention.

The fact that the response to Covid across the board, has relied so heavily on the combination of data and digital technology MUST be a lesson for Government both for how it does its own business and even more critically, how it drives the economy back from the brink. 

No more tinkering at the edge. The role of digital technology must be front and centre in this reversal of current fortunes.   Furthermore, it is imperative that Government ensures Australian business are leading the charge. No special deals required – just a commitment to build digital, sovereign capability by choosing to use equally qualified, quality, competitive Australian technology products and services.

AUCloud: Keeping the data of Australians in Australia

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