Based in Australia, Law In Order is a leading provider of electronic hearing solutions across the globe, supporting trials across all jurisdictions as well as dispute resolutions, royal commissions and commissions of inquiry. Law In Order is one of the few companies that can offer end to end document and digital solutions for the legal industry, including their eHearings offering.

High stakes business need 

Law In Order is at the front line of legal technology innovation and aims to provide meaningful change when designing solutions for clients, addressing real issues that clients are facing. 

Supporting trials across all jurisdictions as well as dispute resolutions, royal commissions and commissions of inquiry, Law In Order wanted a cloud service provider that could satisfy four key criteria. 

First and foremost, they needed a highly secure PROTECTED environment to host services and data. To respond to the fast-paced nature of matters and the varying needs of legal teams, a solution that would enable rapid set-up was important and, with the continuity of proceedings being essential, redundancy was a major priority. An understanding of the needs of government, specifically security and confidentiality was also critical.

Sovereignty Critical

Law In Order started working with sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider AUCloud, to scope a Roadmap to transition eHearings over time, into the AUCloud environment. Knowing that AUCloud was wholly Australian owned and operated and that all data,

including related account, analytics and metadata was guaranteed to remain onshore, was a key differentiator when it came to market comparisons in the selection of their cloud provider.

We believe that introducing AUCloud to our offering will assist in making our clients’ lives easier and more productive.

Elizabeth Miller
Global Head, eHearing Services, Law In Order

A complete package solution

To ensure a complete solution, including capacity for a disaster recovery scenario, Law In Order implemented three core services: Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

With access to the AUCloud PROTECTED environment, IRAP assessed to the PROTECTED level controls of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM), Law In Order immediately satisfied their requirement for eHearings’ applications and data to be hosted in a relevantly credentialled, highly secure environment.

Operating CaaS and BaaS across AUCloud’s geo-resilient environments (from geo-resilient Certified Strategic Data Centres in Canberra and Sydney) meant Law In Order also had the redundancy required to ensure business continuity of their eHearing services across all locations.

Any question of AUCloud’s ability to respond rapidly was tested and answered early in the transition process when Law in Order needed to accelerate the migration of business critical eHearing matters to the AUCloud environment.

Security and business continuity assurance

The combination of AUCloud CaaS, BaaS and DRaaS provides Law In Order the confidence they need to operate their eHearing services from anywhere, when required. Moving to AUCloud has delivered peace of mind that their applications and operational data is secured; is not exposed to either accidental or malicious corruption or deletion; and in the unlikely event of a major disruptive event, is fully recoverable.

Working with AUCloud they know they are supported by a government assessed cloud provider that is also required to continuously monitor and notify any changes in its infrastructure, services or security profile.


Ability to scale up and down rapidly

Cost effective – limitless capability whilst Law In Order only pays for what it uses

Confidence that eHearings operational systems and data are protected in a highly secure environment that meets government designated standards

Peace of mind that data is protected against a ransomware and other malicious cyber attacks

Assured restore should there be an attack on operational data

Geo-resilience that delivers mission critical business continuity

Assurance of data recovery and integrity in a disaster recovery scenario


Starter Plan



Expandable RAM

Fixed Memory – 1GB

Memory Cache

512 MB

Number of Visits


SSL Certificate




Priority Support

SLA – 48 hours

AUCloud: Keeping the data of Australians in Australia