As our use of digital continues to expand, the ability of Government and Critical National Industry (CNI) organisations to meet consumer/customer expectations of ‘digital performance’ is increasingly hampered by either loyalty or ‘lock in’ to legacy infrastructure.

Virtualisation of computing resources (from infrastructure to software services) – cloud services, are game-changers in terms of enabling scale, agility, automation and flexibility of IT capability and resources. Notwithstanding this,   decision-makers continue to hesitate taking up cloud based options – whether through lack of understanding, fear of loss of control or concerns that security and privacy may be more easily compromised.

While it is essential that our official bodies are cautious, it must be said that the validity of these concerns is inversely proportional to the experience, capability and proven credentials of an increasing number of cloud service providers.

For Government and CNI industry organisations who put security first, the adoption of industrially secure, sovereign cloud is now a real option.

AUCloud is an IaaS provider operating a sovereign cloud environment that maintains Australian data entirely and only in Australia, whilst also fully meeting, and in some instances exceeding, the PROTECTED controls of the ASD’s ISM. This is because the AUCloud environment was engineered for security from the ground up and is supported by a team of cyber-security and cloud specialists dedicated to the singular task of cloud security.

The consensus view is in fact, that cloud now offers better security outcomes than internal teams operating on-premises architecture – due largely to this specialisation in cyber security.

Cloud has grown up a lot over the past decade, and with the entry of AUCloud into the Australian marketplace, is now able to bring together the best of all worlds: superior security, cost savings, scalable storage, compute, backup and disaster recovery – with flexibility, automation and cost transparency – all within your control.  And without any data – customer data, metadata, monitoring, support or derived analytics data, ever leaving Australia. 

If you are thinking about Cloud and want to ensure you make a decision that is right for you, check out our guide to choosing a cloud provider –  a simple framework to help you make an informed decision. 

Your Guide to Choosing A Cloud Provider
AUCloud: Keeping the data of Australians in Australia