Ensuring the security and sovereignty of your data starts with choosing a reliable sovereign cloud partner you can trust in the long term.

Here at AUCloud, Data Security is our DNA, and we are dedicated to guarding the data of Australian organisations and protecting Australia’s sovereign interests.

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Recognised as a Leader

As a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider, AUCloud meets and even exceeds, geographic-specific sovereign cloud standards and requirements. By partnering with AUCloud, you benefit from a sovereign cloud environment endorsed by global technology leader VMware.

Choosing AUCloud as your sovereign cloud partner guarantees you’ll drastically improve your risk mitigation by using a compliant and secure sovereign cloud infrastructure. Moreover, you’ll have the platform to implement innovative solutions while staying confident in our data security and control measures.

Hosting your data in our sovereign cloud ensures that you comply with established data security and legislative compliance strategies such as the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act that was updated this year. Using a range of our services also means you can help your customers meet some of their Essential Eight requirements.


AUCloud is IRAP assessed to PROTECTED, meaning that you don’t need to implement any additional security controls to maintain protection for your data. Our solutions are designed to meet the highest security compliance requirements from the ground up, with no extra effort from your side.

We also have ISO27001 certification, which encompasses the operation and security of AUCloud information systems and infrastructure, end-to-end development management, service delivery, and automation and orchestration capabilities.

Moreover, AUCloud is one of a select group of providers in the world to be recognised as a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider We are also a government Certified Strategic Cloud Provider and host all our data in government Certified Strategic Data Centres.

AUCloud solutions are designed to meet the security requirements of government and critical industry sector organisations to ensure the best possible data security and sovereignty. We’ve surpassed the Signals Directorate ISM control requirements as well.

It’s also worth noting that AUCloud was the first Cloud Service Provider to pass phase 2 of “Authority to Operate” from various governmental agencies, in compliance with ACSC’s CAAF.


AUCloud holds the VMware Cloud Verified Certification that covers the operation and security of AUCloud information systems and infrastructure, end-to-end development management, AUCloud automation and orchestration capabilities, and service delivery.

This means we are recognised by VMware as an expert in using and implementing their technologies.

The main criterion for choosing a partner revolves around the partner’s capability to solve complex IT problems that prioritise data security and sovereignty.

Being a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), AUCloud is fully accustomed to the security standards of Defence projects, tenders, and contracts.

Great Partner

AUCloud is a partner you can trust and seek support from whenever needed. Our 24/7 Australian-based support is 100% real and local. We’re always available to handle your issues while keeping the conversations sovereign and confidential.

What’s more, you can access our Sovereign Bridge so you can facilitate local access to your data and the data of your customers across Australia.

AUCloud is a trusted partner that you can rely on to help execute your digital transformation strategy. By utilizing familiar VMware tools, we guarantee a seamless transition to the sovereign cloud for our partners and customers and flexible capacity scaling up or back.

No Data Ever Leaves Australia

We are ASX-listed, and our sovereign cloud solutions are Australian owned and operated by security-cleared Australian citizens.

Hosting your data on AUCloud’s sovereign cloud means that your data will never cross the borders of Australia. This includes metadata, monitoring and analytics data, support data, and customer data.

Your data will only be subject to Australia’s laws. That’s not the case with global public cloud providers, that are subject to the laws of the country in which they are owned and operated. In other words, they can be compelled to access and share your data with the jurisdiction (e.g., country) in which they are owned.

To further assure the security of Australians’ data, our Community Rules Information Security Policy (CRISP) acts as a guarantee for our customers that their data is always hosted in an environment in which everyone must meet the same level of security compliance.

Are you ready to choose AUCloud?

At AUCloud, we commit ourselves to provide the highest possible level of data security and sovereignty for all our partners and customers in Australia.

We take responsibility for protecting the data of Australians by establishing strategic partnerships with VMware and other best of breed technology providers.

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