With the increased demand for data sovereignty, there’s a global trend of diversifying cloud hosting services to move specific workloads from public cloud to sovereign cloud solutions.

The key here is to make the transition as smooth as possible – keeping costs under control, eliminating the initial setup redundancies, and maintaining data security.

AUCloud makes it easy for businesses and government agencies in Australia to seamlessly move to the sovereign cloud. Continue reading to learn more!

Clear Value and Cost Savings

Our cloud solutions drive improved flexibility and cost efficiency for our users, which is why we offer a transparent pricing structure that doesn’t charge additional or hidden costs like ingress/egress fees or exit fees. Our pricing reflects our principle of offering advanced technology in a cost-effective manner.

We believe that technological advancements should be a way to drive further efficiencies from your technology spend, and that’s exactly why we always seek to deliver the best possible value for money. As soon as an opportunity arises to offer a discount, we immediately make it available for our customers regardless of when they’ll renew their contracts.

Here’s how AUCloud’s sovereign cloud solutions will help your organisation save money:

  • Lower application support costs
  • Centralised management and control eliminating duplication and training costs
  • Outsourced IT support
  • Minimised assurance and compliance costs (particularly those related to security components and specific infrastructure)
  • Scale on demand (as opposed to costly and resource-intensive infrastructure upgrades)

Familiar VMware Tech and Tools Enable Seamless Digital Transformations

Our services ensure hassle-free digital transformation for our customers by relying on familiar VMware technology and tools.

Many government agencies and enterprises in Australia utilise VMware-based on-premise solutions known for their compliance, security, and interoperability standards. What’s more, they are now very familiar for IT departments.

As a result, customers are reassured that the learning curve with AUCloud won’t be steep as we utilise the same VMware technologies that they’re already used to.

Further, AUCloud is one out of a select group of companies globally to be VMware Cloud Verified and we hold VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider certification, providing independent recognition of our capability to meet your company’s requirements at various digital maturity levels in a sovereign cloud.

As a part of the VMware Sovereign Cloud Partner initiative, we’re certified to offer VMware sovereign cloud solutions for our customers, particularly in government and critical industries. 

World Leading API Based IaaS Automation, Orchestration and Monitoring Practices

At AUCloud, we integrate best-in-class API-based IaaS automation to maximise efficiency. We also implement advanced orchestration practices to make it easier for your organisation to scale its sovereign cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, AUCloud integrates monitoring capabilities that provide you with full control over your sovereign cloud. Our advanced engineering enables improved service levels and proactive automated alerting.


Partnering with e2e-assure has enabled us to offer top-of-the-industry cyber security monitoring services for our customers. Our monitoring capabilities cover everything on our IaaS platform with round-the-clock cyber threat monitoring and detection, along with real time incident response.

Leveraging Secure IaaC (Infrastructure-as-a-Code)

AUCloud’s flexible API gateway allows customers to write custom code on the platform without compromising security.

We strive to provide native, secure app development throughout our platform without charging you any additional costs. Thanks to our built-in IaaS automation and orchestration practices, your system will always remain stable, reliable, resilient, and secure. We believe that these features should be natively included by default since they’re essentials, not “nice-to-haves”. 

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey to Sovereign Cloud?

Moving to a sovereign cloud has never been easier with AUCloud.

Partnering with VMware has given our customers the peace of mind that the transition will be smooth, and by keeping costs under control and utilizing advanced API-based IaaS automation and monitoring, setting up your sovereign cloud will preserve your business continuity strategy.

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