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The age of the hybrid workplace is here. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the digital transformation of organisations of all shapes and sizes, remote working at scale has become the norm. Some workers started working from home when lockdown measures were first implemented and have yet to return to a traditional office. Others have become accustomed to a multi-locational work week, sometimes called hybrid working.

What this means for today’s organisations is that they need to manage a growing number of remote users, endpoint devices and deploy all the different applications their workers may need. This may not be news to anyone, but maintaining a high level of security and control becomes challenging when there are so many device types that need to be supported and workflows that need to be streamlined.

The rise of the digital workspace

Each platform and operating system needs multiple IT management tools, and maintaining them often requires specific resources and IT skill sets to maintain. At the same time, organisations need to overcome the constraints of their traditional on-premise solutions and legacy systems. With these and a range of other challenges to overcome, it can quickly become an operational and security catastrophe.

Enter the digital workspace. An integrated technology framework designed to enable and manage mobile device and desktop delivery of software and data, it provides end users with real-time access to the apps and information they need. And, they can do this from any location, via any device, regardless of whether the info is stored in a data centre or available through the cloud.

VMware’s Workspace ONE UEM IT management suite gives organisations the tools they need to support and maintain control of the diverse and complex endpoint environments of today. A mix of virtualisation, mobile device management and security solutions, Workspace ONE provides an intelligence-driven, secure and simple digital enterprise workspace platform.

What Is Workspace ONE?

Workspace ONE is a digital workplace platform that combines a number of solutions developed by cloud infrastructure and virtualisation company VMware. Built on their AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technology, it integrates Workspace ONE Access (formerly VMware Identity Manager) and their VMware Horizon VDI software.

This provides organisations with an amalgamation of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) proficiencies, virtual app and desktop delivery, single sign-on (SSO), identity manager and other digital workspace capabilities in one easy-to-manage solution. By integrating multi-platform endpoint management, access control and application management, Workspace ONE unifies the tools needed to manage every endpoint – regardless of ownership model and platform.

How does Workspace ONE work?

An enterprise platform that makes it possible for organisations to deliver a digital workspace with the tools that empower their workforce, the VMware Workspace ONE solution is a multiplatform management system that radically transforms traditional VDI with unprecedented flexibility, speed, scale and simplicity – all at an attractively low cost.

Supporting a variety of deployment models including in the cloud, on-premise and hybrid with different components deployed between the two, VMware Workspace ONE’s architecture can be divided into various end-user components and infrastructure tools.

Workspace One Access

This component provides single sign on (SSO) to Horizon virtual desktops, as well as an application store for software-as-a-service based VMware ThinApp, Horizon and other web applications. It also provides the ability to control application access through a set of authentication and networking policies.

Workspace ONE UEM

Workspace ONE UEM is unified endpoint management that delivers a comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform that enables mobile productivity, secures corporate data and simplifies access to enterprise applications.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

This is the primary end-user component and allows end-users to be productive on any device (Windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS and more), including mobile devices, from anywhere, keeping them connected with colleagues through built-in secure productivity tools and enabling access to enterprise and web applications.

What capabilities does VMware Workspace ONE provide?

Onboarding new apps and even new employees couldn’t be easier, thanks to Workspace ONE’s consumer simple access to Windows, Mac, cloud, web and mobile apps. Employees can authenticate their device through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to instantly access their personalised enterprise app catalogue and subscribe to just about any Mac, Windows or mobile apps.

Some capabilities that the Workspace ONE platform includes, but is not limited to:

Consistent, flexible endpoint management

The architecture an organisation deploys today needs to be compatible with devices that may not have been invented yet. From wearables to 3D graphics workstations, and mobile devices to custom-built enterprise solutions, apps must be available to employees whenever and wherever they may be.

And because Workspace ONE is a multi-tenant tool, IT departments can remotely monitor and manage any device connected to an enterprise across business units, locations and other user-defined segmentations – all from a central dashboard.

Intelligent insights and automation

Workspace ONE can help improve the level of security hygiene across an entire organisation by providing deep insights into the entire digital workspace environment. With powerful automation capabilities, organisations can apply the latest security patches, automate access control policies based on user behaviour and quickly identify personal devices that aren’t compliant.

Comprehensive digital workspace security

Workspace ONE makes it easy to implement zero-trust security policies and endpoint compliance with conditional employee access. This conditional access is determined by contextual authentication that can include user group, target app, network location, device state, authentication method and more. Organisations keep corporate data safe by controlling access to Windows, Mac, Chrome, web, mobile, SaaS and virtual apps on a per-application basis with VMware identity manager.

Device-aware access policies

Using its powerful UEM technology and real-time continuous device compliance checks, Workspace ONE ensures that only the right devices get access to data at all times. With the ability to identify rooted and jailbroken devices, it provides IT departments with a simple way to white or blacklist apps, set open-in app restrictions and apply other policies, such as conditional access and self service access. And, all this is enforced by the AirWatch policy engine.

How do you benefit from Workspace ONE?

An intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE enables organisations to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. Available as a cloud service or on-premises deployment, it provides an engaging employing experience with a combination of powerful access control, multiplatform endpoint management and application management tools. Some of the key benefits it offers include:

Reduced admin burden

Shrink-wrapped device provisioning streamlines the new employee and application onboarding experience, while workers are more productive because they get access to the tools they need when they need them, thanks to easy-to-deploy contextual authorisation policies.

Consolidated management tools

With an intuitive user interface, Workspace ONE makes it easy to use a variety of device management tools, including JAMF, SCCM, SharePoint, Service Now and mobile app stores for Android and iOS.

Automated compliance

Organisations can ensure compliance with compliance profiles that automatically check all enrolled devices to make sure they meet company-specific encryption statuses, OS versions, firewall status and more.

Customised dashboards and reporting

IT teams are able to access real-time automated data that helps them improve consistency and accuracy when tracking assets.

Hosted virtual apps and desktops

Users can work on sensitive information without compromising security no matter where they are, thanks to the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub.

Real-time visibility

All application, device and console events are logged and accessible via an intuitive dashboard that supports efficient monitoring across the most complex of IT infrastructures.

Is AirWatch part of Workspace ONE?

Yes, the AirWatch UEM technology forms the foundation that the VMware Workspace ONE solution is built on. This technology is now referred to as the Workspace ONE UEM, though.

What is the difference between Workspace ONE and Horizon?

Although these two technologies are closely related, they are two completely different VMware products.

VMware Workspace ONE is a comprehensive digital workspace platform that is available as either a cloud service or an on-premise deployment. This enterprise platform enables the delivery, management and conditional access of any app on any device, and it is composed of several components, one of which is VMware Horizon.

VMware Horizon is VDI software that offers security, speed, simplicity and scalability in remotely delivering on-premises or cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications while providing cloud-like economy and elasticity. Workspace ONE is available as an add-on for organisations already running VMware Horizon software.

Organisations can achieve their goals faster with Workspace ONE

AUCloud’s renowned Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service is built on VMware’s Horizon 7 platform. So, our VMware specialists can show organisations how to replace their traditional, rigid work environment with a more flexible modern Anywhere Workplace model powered by the VMware Workspace ONE platform.

Onboard new end users, devices and applications within minutes, and without needing to contact the helpdesk every time. Designed to support any device ownership model, organisations that employ a BYOD policy no longer have to worry about “shadow IT,” thanks to Workspace ONE. Employees won’t need to circumvent IT policies in order to use their preferred devices and apps with single sign on (SSO) to complete their daily tasks because every device is supported and can be managed remotely.

As a VMware Premier Partner, AUCloud can show businesses of all shapes and sizes how they can accelerate their digital transformation for a fraction of the price. Contact AUCloud today to find out about all the benefits that the VMware Workspace ONE solution has to offer. Speak to our sales team by calling 1800 282 568 or you can email us on

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