Sovereign Capability = Sovereign Control + Domestic Capability

Sovereign control and domestic capability are fundamentally different concepts. 

The former relates to the ability of national governments to control the direction of resources (people, assets, capital, IP, etc) to initiate and effect a process with full sovereign control of all aspects of data, risk and outcome.  The latter, the capability to undertake a process (to design, to build, to create something) through the combination of resident assets, funding, people (skills, experience) and access to data and/or IP.

In the space we play, which is all about security and data protection, you need both – the combination of which we define is sovereign capability.  Not only does government need access to capability to undertake processes and help them to deliver services and outcomes independently but also the control to prioritise and protect in the interests of Australia, for example to prevent foreign interference, protect national commercial interests and importantly  –  protect the data of Australians. 

AUCloud: Keeping the data of Australians in Australia