For businesses dealing in trust, being more than a step ahead in today’s hyper-vigilant cyberspace requires more than resting on your Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) laurels.

The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and underlying Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) provide a critical framework for organisations to protect their information and systems from cyberthreats. However, when you have a single-minded focus on securing the trust of government agencies, businesses and Australian citizens, you need to look further than the immediate compliance horizon.

For AUCloud, the expertise required to become the trusted sovereign infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider has been built from investment and cloud service delivery experience over the past decade. Layered on the PSPF and mandatory ISM requirements, every architectural, technical and operational aspect of the AUCloud platform incorporates best-of-breed security practice and technology. From the bottom up, AUCloud is truly ‘Engineered to Protected’.

Three specific components of the AUCloud sovereign Cloud IaaS platform call this out:


Through an exclusive relationship with technology partner e2e-assure, AUCloud delivers world-leading cyberthreat monitoring services to all its customers. Incorporated across all aspects of the AUCloud IaaS platform, this capability (also used by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre) provides 24/7 cyberthreat and monitoring triage, analysis, and incident response in near real-time.


Despite increasing focus on microservices, containerisation and an obsessive desire to right click on open-source code, the importance of secure application development remains generally underrated.

Notwithstanding the flexibility of the AUCloud API gateway enabling customers to write their own code directly to the platform (Infrastructure-as-Code), secure application development is inherent across AUCloud’s application design, development and integration processes. For AUCloud, flexibility does not come with additional costs attached; world-leading IaaS automation and orchestration practices, which are engineered into the AUCloud platform, underpin system security, reliability, stability and resilience from the outset.


Quantum quality encryption further enhances AUCloud’s uncompromising security focus.

Integrating Canberra-based QuintessenceLabs’ world-leading qCrypt hardware security module, AUCloud’s technical team has developed a market-differentiating quantum quality key generation capability that enables customers to easily create, retrieve and manage keys through their life cycle.

What differentiates AUCloud from its competitors is that these features are native to AUCloud’s platform. They are not ‘nice to have’ add-ons with an additional price tag. They are inherent in the AUCloud IaaS; designed and intended to benefit the whole community of users.

When you’re in the business of trust, compliance to mitigate anticipated risks is simply not enough. ‘Engineered to Protected’ means security from the ground up, anticipating what sits much further than just the foreseeable horizon.