Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service with all data securely stored on an Australian sovereign cloud

When managing sovereign data, reliable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is vital. You want peace of mind that you have business continuity and data integrity when you are at your most vulnerable. You want assurance that you can fail-over your data and services to a highly secure, performant environment.
AUCloud DRaaS is specifically designed for organisations with high-security requirements. Providing dedicated sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to Government, AUCloud is the ‘safe hands’ you need to ensure reliable business continuity when you need it.
A flexible, scalable and sovereign disaster recovery solution 

The reality is, you don’t have to give up control of your environment to take advantage of the cost-saving and flexibility benefits of a cloud infrastructure to deliver your business continuity. Nor do you have to invest in a technology overhaul to get the high-level security you need. You can count on a DRaaS solution that allows your organisation to fail-over your data and services to an IRAP-certified, sovereign cloud environment, whilst offering on-demand scalability.

Whether you’re operating with an OFFICIAL Data Community Environment (ODCE) or a PROTECTED Data Community Environment (PDCE), with AUCloud DRaaS, you have the features and security guarantees you require to ensure optimal business continuity for your organisation – with your data ALWAYS resident in Australia.

Controlled Business Continuity

With AUCloud DRaaS, your organisation has total control. You are guaranteed easy access to your backed-up virtual machines (VMs). You can manage fail-over and fail-back and determine protection policies, schedules and automated tasks yourself. Importantly, you can test your Disaster Recovery Plan without experiencing operational disruption so you know it will work when you need it.

Sovereign Data Guarantee

AUCloud is a sovereign cloud IaaS provider, laser-focused on protecting the data of Australian organisations and citizens. Your data and workloads will always remain within Australia, on Australian infrastructure, managed by Australian citizens. No data or services or associated metadata and monitoring data ever leaves Australia AND we are not subject to any extra-territorial legislative requirements to provide access to data hosted on AUCloud.

Fast Recovery and Minimal Data Loss

There’s no need to sacrifice data or put your operations on hold whenever you need to test your systems or when you run into an unplanned IT outage. With our best-in-breed technology, any data compromise is minimal with low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Your VMs can be failed-over in the amount of time it takes you to load up your operating system – it’s that fast.

An efficient disaster recovery solution 

Disaster Recovery solutions don’t have to be a huge investment. In fact, with AUCloud DRaaS, you’ll be able to reduce costs and eliminate waste.

Reduces the requirement for additional on-premise information and communications technology that you rarely use 

No need to invest in expensive hardware or upgrades when your Disaster Recovery needs change

Automate tasks to save your IT resources

Ensure your data and workloads are always protected 

The benefits of high-security Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service will help your organisation achieve the agility and data integrity you need managing your business continuity.

Replicate and test on-premise virtual machines (VMs) and vApps

Validate your Disaster Recovery plan without disruption and with minimal data loss 

Seamlessly manage VM replication 

Maintain productivity in both planned and non-planned IT outages

Empower your organisation with Disaster Recovery that ensures business continuity and guarantees your data is secure and stored in a sovereign cloud environment.

Next Steps

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