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Protecting your organisation against an advanced ransomware attack

Even leading cybersecurity defence strategies are no match for some advanced ransomware campaigns. With attackers targeting backups, what measures do you need to put in place to protect your organisation?

Ransomware is a highly profitable criminal enterprise. High returns on investment motivate organised syndicates to invest time and effort in growing this illicit market. Finding new and innovative ways to sustain their business model, they continually evolve their strategies. As Australian organisations mitigate ransomware risk with updated processes and state-of-the-art technologies, criminals compensate and adapt their tactics. Like a chess game, they counter every move with a counterattack until they achieve their objective.

Download this whitepaper and get insights into:

  • Why organisations are so vulnerable to ransomware
  • The processes and technologies needed to prevent and mitigate against a ransomware attack
  • How to protect your backups from the evolving ransomware threat
  • The steps that Australian Federal and State Government agencies and Critical National Industry organisations need to take to incorporate Data Sovereignty obligations into their ransomware protection strategies.

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