The Ease of Moving to Sovereign Cloud

Discover how our cost-efficient, and secure solutions – based on the familiar VMware tech stack – makes it is easy to move to Sovereign Cloud.

What Are the Benefits for Government Agencies Moving to Cloud?

Cost Efficiency

Cloud solutions are flexible and cost-efficient. With AUCloud, you simply pay for what you need, when you use it, with no hidden fees or extra costs.

Control & Manageability

You can classify and store data sets based on your compliance requirements. You may also move non-critical data with no sovereignty requirements to another cloud and adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid data protection approach.


Our sovereign cloud services are designed to scale to accommodate your evolving cloud requirements. Start migrating to the sovereign cloud now and scale the capacity up or down as your needs change.


Our sovereign cloud solutions don’t require you to implement additional security measures to keep your data protected. We take care of everything to ensure your data is ‘sovereign secure’.

Why Sovereign Cloud, Not Public Cloud?

A Government Certified Strategic Cloud

AUCloud’s sovereign cloud is Australian-owned and operated. We are a government Certified Strategic Cloud Provider, with all the data in our cloud hosted in government-Certified Strategic Data Centres, across Australia and backed by security-cleared Australian citizens.

Data Sovereignty

Our sovereign cloud provides assurance that all your data remains in Australia. This includes all your customer data (about you) as well as all the support, monitoring, account, and metadata that is linked to your account.

Even if public cloud providers store your data in Australian data centres, they can move your data anywhere around the world. That is how their business models work – with support data located in the region where they provide global support for customers; analytics data located where they do their cloud performance analysis; and metadata (the data about your data) moving freely around the world.

Subject Only to the Laws of Australia

Our sovereign cloud solutions are subject only to the laws of Australia. That’s not the case with global public cloud providers, subject to the laws in which they are owned and operated. In other words, they can be compelled to access and share your data with the jurisdiction (e.g., country), in which they are domiciled.

We take data sovereignty and security very seriously, and our services are built in accordance with the Australian government’s highest security requirements.

AUCloud enables you to mitigate the risk of foreign data access by other governments seeking to assert extraterritorial legislation on Australian citizen data.

Take Advantage of our Sovereign Bridge

AUCloud’s Sovereign Bridge offers faster, more secure, sovereign workload access capabilities. We provide a nationwide sovereign network that lets you access data locally through a national network of data centres interconnection points.

Local 24/7 Support

Our support team is available round the clock and only includes security cleared personnel located in Australia.

Built to Host Highly Secure Workloads

AUCloud’s infrastructure is designed specifically to meet government security and data protection requirements. AUCloud is Certified Strategic in accordance with the DTA’s Hosting Certification Framework and IRAP assessed to the PROTECTED controls of ACSC’s Cloud Assessment and Authorisation Framework (CAAF).

In accordance with the CAAF we also have multiple Authorities to Operate across Federal Government. In other words, we operate to the highest security standards.

VMware Sovereign Cloud Certified

Being the predominant platform stack that the government uses, VMWare also recognises the increasing demand of switching from global to local data management and protection.

Based on commissioned research, VMware has established its own Sovereign Cloud Program. AUCloud is proud to have been credentialled as the first VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider in Australia.

How Does AUCloud Make It Easy to Move to Sovereign Cloud?

Clear Value and Cost Savings

At AUCloud, we offer a simple pricing structure that focuses on transparency, ensuring that you don’t get charged additional or hidden costs like ingress and egress fees or exit fees.

Our cloud solutions are designed to maximise flexibility and value for our customers by lowering unit costs and integrating multi-tenanted architecture and automated system management.

Familiar VMware Technology Enables Seamless Digital Transformation

Governmental agencies in Australia have used VMware-based on-premises solutions for years, and they remain one of the government’s strongest assets in the cloud computing sector.

Our sovereign cloud solutions integrate the same VMware technologies and tools you’re familiar with, allowing for an easier, less risky and cost-effective digital transformation.

API Based IaaS Automation

We integrate best-in-class API-based IaaS automation to maximise efficiency. We also implement advanced orchestration practices to make it easier for your organisation to scale its sovereign cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, AUCloud integrates monitoring capabilities that provide you with full control over your sovereign cloud. Our advanced engineering enables improved service levels and proactive automated alerting.

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