Sovereign Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365 for official and protected data environments

AUCloud is your Superior Choice for Iaas

We specialize in a wide array of IaaS services

Unmatched Australian expertise

AUCloud investors, leaders and teams have extensive experience working with Government to deliver highly secure, mission critical cloud solutions to support business.

Clear value and cost savings

Our lower unit costs, driven by our commercial model, multi-tenanted architecture and automated system management, deliver real cost savings to users. With no entry or exit costs, data transfer or other hidden charges we provide you with the flexibility to move service providers without lock-in or additional cost. 

We enable your Digital Transformation

We enable the digital transformation strategies of our partners and customers. We provide solutions using proven and familiar VMware tools and enterprise re-platforming functionality. We support different levels of digital maturity and instantaneous scale up or back of capacity to meet your needs.

Superior assurance

AUCloud provides superior security assurance.  We are owned and operated in Australia by security cleared Australians.  All our services and the data we manage remains in Australia – ALWAYS. Our Community Rules Information Security Policy (CRISP) guarantees higher security of everyone’s data and distinguishes our service in the market. 

Proven success within UK

AUCloud is based on a proven business model, delivered at scale in the UK. Our experience growing UKCloud enables us to develop a well-tuned, world leading and highly secure IaaS service that supports everything from utility based applications to research intensive AI based platforms.

Enhanced operational effectiveness 

We integrate world leading API based IaaS automation, orchestration and monitoring practices that make it quicker, easier and more secure to transition at scale to cloud. Our advanced engineering enables improved service levels and proactive automated alerting. 

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