2024 Cyber Security Healthcare Report

Discover the latest survey findings on Australians’ sentiment regarding the vulnerabilities and security of their healthcare data.

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2024 Cyber Security Healthcare Report

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AUCloud is an award-winning sovereign provider of cloud solutions and cyber security services, supporting Australia’s leading organisations and Government agencies. AUCloud specialises in delivering data and security solutions to enhance compliance and overall security.

Cloud services

Comprehensive cloud storage, backup and resilience solutions designed
for Australia.

Cyber security

Delivering robust cyber solutions and services to help organisations protect, detect and respond.

Data resilience

Delivering robust cyber solutions and services to help organisations protect, detect and respond.

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Award-winning data security solutions

100% Australian

AUSTRALIAN by definition: owned, managed, and operated in Australia with ALL data and services sovereign, resident, monitored and operated in Australia by Australian citizens.


ASSURED by design: engineered to PROTECTED as a minimum. IRAP certified to ASD’s ISM standards, with cyber security practices reinforced by unique, robust and enforced community rules.


ACCOUNTABLE by transparency: simple, clear, competitive pricing with consistent value and no exclusive arrangements – guaranteed.


AMPLIFIED by scale: always more capacity than required. Future proofed to support reliable execution for SME SaaS through to national scale programmes


AGILE by nature: culturally responsive and commercially attuned. Ability to deploy automated elasticity in seconds. Microservice enabled, API native and adapted in an instant


ALIGNED to community values: underpinned by behaviours that improve outcomes for all Australians. Committed to effective thought leadership and constructive disruption that delivers a stronger and more resilient Australia.

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When credibility matters

ISO27001 certified across the whole organisation

Certified Strategic and IRAP assessed to PROTECTED under the CAAF

VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider

Member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

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