Cyber Security Threat Intel Alert: 12-Jun-2024

Volume 2, Issue no. 24 is out and in the latest weekly AUCloud Cyber Threat Intelligence Report we reveal:

  • Netgear WNR614 flaws allow device takeover, no fix available

    Multiple critical vulnerabilities they have uncovered in the Netgear WNR614 router, a popular model that is known for its reliability, performance, and connectivity. The vulnerabilities they have uncovered consists of improper authentication, insecure settings, password policy bypass, plaintext password storage, WPS PIN exposure, and insecure permissions. Prompt remediation is essential to ensure the protection of sensitive
    information and to maintain network security.

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  • Critical PHP vulnerability exposes millions of Windows servers to hacking risks

    A critical flaw in PHP, a popular programming language for websites, could let hackers take control of Windows servers. This affects many websites and needs to be resolved immediately. Website owners are urged to update their PHP installations to protect themselves against potential attacks.

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  • Panasonic Australia confirms cyber incident following Akira ransomware claim

    Panasonic Australia has confirmed a cyber incident following a claim by the Akira ransomware group that they have compromised the company’s data. The group alleges to have stolen sensitive information, including contracts and project files. Panasonic is currently investigating the extent of the breach.

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  • DragonForce ransomware targets New Zealand horse racing platform

    DragonForce, a notorious ransomware group, has listed New Zealand’s EvoEvents on its dark web leak site, claiming to have exfiltrated just over 6 gigabytes of data. This online horse racing platform is based on the Northern Island, Hamilton, NZ. The stolen data is scheduled for public release on July 5 if the group’s demands are unmet. EvoEvents, who was unaware of the breach until contacted by, has yet to validate these claims. The company reportedly faced the attack on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

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