Aussie Healthcare Data Privacy Concerns Exposed in New Research

One of Australia’s leading cyber security experts AUCloud have lifted the lid on Australians’ deep-seated fears about the security of their medical data, with urgent calls for the Healthcare sector and Government to do more to safeguard Australians most personal information.

According to new research in the 2024 Cyber Security Healthcare Report, conducted by YouGov and surveying over 1,000 Australian voters, a staggering 82% express grave concerns about the safety of their personal health records1.

Recent statistics underscore the urgency of this matter, revealing a 71% year-on-year surge in cyberattacks on healthcare systems2. High-profile breaches, such as the recent infiltration of Monash Health via ZircoDATA, have exposed the sensitive information of over 60,000 Australians, including victims of family violence and sexual assault. Furthermore, the illicit sale of MediSecure’s compromised e-script data on the dark web exemplifies the dire consequences of lax security measures.

Peter Maloney, CEO of AUCloud, said that Australians are unequivocally demanding action from both Government and healthcare providers.

“Our latest research reveals that 71% of Australians believe that the responsibility for safeguarding healthcare data lies squarely with the Federal Government and healthcare institutions,” Mr Maloney said.

“Only 21% attribute this responsibility to individuals. These figures aren’t just statistics; they represent the privacy and confidentiality of individuals’ most intimate health details. It’s imperative that the Government and Healthcare providers heed this call to action to uphold public trust.”

The survey also sheds light on the paramount importance Australians place on the security of their healthcare providers. An overwhelming 88% express a preference for healthcare providers with robust information security measures. Protecting family medical history emerges as the top priority, closely followed by ensuring the security of healthcare provider details (e.g., psychologist, GP, dietician) and medication lists.

“As custodians of the healthcare system, businesses must bolster their defences. All healthcare providers bear the responsibility of diligently managing data and systems, prioritising proactive measures to safeguard against cyber and technical incidents. It is essential for them to focus on comprehensive solutions that encompass protection, detection, response, and proactive planning for major incidents in the cyber and technical domains.”

The 2024 Cyber Security Healthcare Report is available as a free resource.

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2024 Cyber Security Healthcare Report


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